Planning where "planning" doesn´t always mean the same thing - working outside a reflex perspective

Services in
+ Urban Planning and Management
+ Environmental Planning, Environmental Protection
+ Slum Upgrading / Urban Upgrading
+ Integrated Urban Development
+ Community / Neighbourhood Development
+ Water and Sanitation Planning
+ Project Management
+ Climate Change Adaption and Resilience Building
+ Democratic Decentralisation / Good Governance
+ Local Government (organisational development)
+ Infrastructure Rollouts (Telecommunications)
+ Land Administration and Land-use planning
+ Public Participation
+ Training and Capacity Development
+ Emergency Refugee Camp Operations

+ Monitoring and Evaluation


Skills on the ground

+  Execution / management of key planning and development related activities (e.g. production of Urban Development Plans; Socio-Economic Profiles/ Baseline studies; Public Participation / Consultation; Strategy and Policy recommendations; Infrastructure Plans; Feasibility Studies; Statutory Urban and Environmental Planning Assessments; Development Applications) 

+ Well versed in the development and implementation of context appropriate methodologies, approaches and tools for the above 
+ Establishment/running of community focus groups and development initiatives (including moderation between local government, local community groups and civil society actors)
+ Project management 
+ GIS Mapping 
+ Organization and moderation of workshops, conferences, events
+ "Solution Focus" Methodologies

Genuine co-construction of solutions with local partners, home grown ingenuity and harnessing what already works on the ground.